What is Quantum Computer?

What is Quantum Computer?

Simply put, Quantum Computer is a computer that uses all the different types of Quantum Mechanics directly. There are many articles on Quantum Computer available on the Internet. Some of them are really good but most of them are filled with forgetful and unrealistic demands. Reviewing my writings helped me to correct my mistake.

Quantum computing is computing using quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement. A quantum computer is a device that performs quantum computing. Such a computer is different from binary digital electronic computers based on transistors.

What is Quantum Computer?

Quantum level information can be stored in the particles, they are called Quantum Information. It is possible to exchange information, accounting, using accountability, teleportation, superposition etc. religion. All calculations are done in quantum computers. Quantum computers can do a lot of things that can not be done on ordinary computers. For example, Prime Factorization or Linear Search Computing in Polyline Mayle is brought down at square root. It simulates chemical reaction and so on.

But still Quantum computer lab could not be created. Quantum computers are claimed by D-Wave of Google. But most scientists believe that all the conditions of quantum computers do not meet the D-wave. Quantum computers have taken a lot of speed to claim that many people would be able to solve the NP-full problem.


The computers we use are classical computers. Here we can calculate the total voltage of the circuit, the absence is 0. So, it is the classical computer information unit called ‘bit’. Quantum computer unit is ‘cubit’. That cube can be an electron, a light particle or a photon, a diamond or something else can be molecule. Quantum means something is the smallest part. Quantum computation uses quantum bits or qubits, which can be in superpositions of states.

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Quantum Computer Cubit

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Quantum Computer Cubit Not only this, but also the following……………

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