Prof. J.C. Bose invented wireless telegraphy and this wireless telegraphy has advanced today so much that it enables us to broadcast news and messages to people all over the world. A speech that is broadcast through wireless at one particular place, can be heard in any part of the world by switching on a small wireless receiving set called the Radio. Radio has proved to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It enables us to enjoy music, short stories, plays, talks and speeches of eminent persons. Radio has brought knowledge and wisdom of one country within the reach of everybody in the world.

Radio is one of the most powerful means of mass communication. It has been put to many uses. Now lessons for school children are also broadcast on the radio. Besides this, talks and lectures on various educational, social as well as political an economic problems are broadcast for the benefit of the listeners. Radio keeps the public informed of various policies of the government. It is also a very useful means of propaganda and advertisement. Almost in every country radio is being used as a means of commercial advertisements. It has proved of great advantage of both the manufacturers and the consumers. Besides this, radio gives useful information about market trends in various parts of the country. This has proved of great advantage to farmers and businessmen.

The radio has something to other to listeners of all tastes and ages. There are separate programmes for small children, students, house-wife and various other classes of listeners. Different programmes are broadcast in different languages for the benefit of all. on important occasions and festivals, special programmes, suited to the occasion are broadcast. Running commentaries of important events and test matches are a special feature of the broadcasting service. Though, television, video and internet has marched a long way in the modern technological progress, the importance of radio still exists. Radio is and will be an integral part of forming public opinion.

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