Religion is the human recognition of superhuman controlling power entitled to obedience. Such recognition has an effect on conduct and mental attitude of human beings. Religion is a system of faith and worship. Sometimes it is identified with the practice of sacred rites as well. There are different systems of faith and worship. Basically, however, all religions are the same and lead to the path of God.

True religion is the essence of life. It teaches us honesty, truthfulness, tolerance, simplicity, forbearance, self-sacrifice, self-restraint, kindness, modesty and love for all. human qualities and human virtues emanate from religion. Religion is the salt of life. Without it life as no taste. A religious man is nearer to God. He does not bear malice to any one. No one is untouchable to him. he is not dogmatic in his attitude of life.

Superstition, on the other hand, is a kind of credulity regarding the supernatural. It is an irrational fear of the unknown or mysterious. Superstition is associated with misdirected reverence. It is a perversion of religion or religious practice or opinion. A superstitious man goes by the principle or tenet or doctrinal system as laid down by some authority in the name of-religion. It sometimes breeds religious fanaticism and religious intolerance. True religion is opposed to superstition. Superstition is far away from the path of truth and hence from the path of God. But true religion leads us to the path of truth and hence to the path of God.

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