Our religion, our God

Our religion, our God

Religion God

Religion is especially interested in traditional religion. So eagerly try to understand almost all the traditional religions and faiths from a distance. It is not only hopelessly trying but also hopeless, but most of the time it is time to get hurt. (Religion God)

A man’s bike was stolen. He whispered and said, “I’ll only watch one hour. I did not get the bike as I did in Chittagong. I still do not know how to steal “. Later, after seeing the gentleman’s face, the thief escaped leaving the bike. People in the neighborhood asked, “Brother, can you hear me, what did Chittagong do?”

The gentleman said, “Look, brother, I’m innocent. That time my bike was lost in Chittagong. After a long wait, I did not get a bike, when I came without bicycle “.

The fox is attacked in the forest. The animals feared to run as fast as they could. The people who were alive came to describe the thrilling experiences of their escape. Asking the cock, the cock said, “I do not know so many ways like you, just know that the tree is rising.  So that’s what I know. “

So now almost every conventional religion and religion has been closely related to each other’s good and evil. The disadvantages of this, as well as the advantages. It is not easily possible to establish a conflicting conception with a harmful and era only by believing and it will not be. Whenever his religion will try to get out of the house, he will face the question and evaluation of the faith. He must be kept alive after passing the test of the era.

So Christianity in England in the 16th century and in the eighteenth and nineteenth century England had to face the movement. There is a lot of reform and change in the Hindu religion after the Vedas, in keeping with the Buddhist and Jain religion. Even in this nineteenth century, Hindu religion has tried to reform Hinduism by many scholars.

If God is pure and innocent, it is in the power of a great power, but the religious people are questioning the existence and the power of God by not bringing themselves to the selfless and powerful God, rather than bringing down God to their own vicious interests. This is proving the absurdity of God – that is, surely, with the belief of God, the dialect.


Religion God


Religion God

A special feature of Greek religions

Religion God

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