Remove Even Dissolved Impurities in Your Drinking Water

Remove Even Dissolved Impurities in Your Drinking Water

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It is time consumer understand different water purifier technologies and choose the right purifier.

Due to climatic changes, drought, alarming levels of salinity, pollution from industrial wastes and rampant use of pesticides water sources like rivers, catchment areas and reservoir systems have come under dire stress. The result is that our water today contains dangerous dissolved impurities. They are rust, toxic chemicals, arsenic, fluoride, lead, heavy metals and many more.

By the time water (tap or groundwater) reaches your tap, it may get contaminated on the way. It leads to serious health problems. Although water treatment plants meet the ‘Safe Drinking Water Standards’ norm, the treated water from your tap may still contain dissolved impurities. the impurities  can cause deadly diseases.

As the problems of dissolved impurities are increasing, thankfully, so are the solutions. But the irony is, most of the water purifying systems available in the market target only a few types of contaminants. And they are completely ineffective against other impurities, especially the ‘dissolved’ ones.

For example, ordinary water purifiers De-activate bacteria and viruses but fail to remove dissolved impurities like pesticides, rust and heavy metals. These can lead to serious health issues. Similarly, boiling water destroys bacteria & viruses, but it fails to remove their more dangerous dissolved counterparts—just the way boiling water mixed with sugar cannot remove its sweetness.

 Conventional UV Water Purifier

A UV-based Water Purifier, if used as a stand-alone system, only De-activates bacteria and viruses . But it fails to remove dissolved impurities like pesticides, rust, heavy metals, salts and harmful chemicals . These can also have serious health issues.

Stand-Alone Ro Water Purifier

Ro technology based Water Purifiers, if used as stand-alone systems, remove bacteria, viruses & dissolved impurities. But while removing dissolved impurities, they end up removing essential minerals too! These minerals are very important for our health. Also, within 3 to 6 months of its usage, the pores of the Ro membrane may get enlarged. It allows bacteria & viruses to easily pass through it and infect the purified water.

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