In the middle of the sky, the rocket with the astronauts returned to earth

In the middle of the sky, the rocket with the astronauts returned to earth

A Russian rocket launched by two astronauts after a mechanical error has been encountered.

On Thursday, on the way to the International Space Station (ISS), two rockets of rocket landing in Kazhakta are now safe, according to a BBC report.

A search team has been sent to find them in the area. But the plane carrying the Russian astronaut Alexei Ovchinnin and US astronaut Nick Hegg was taken to Kazhakstan.

The BBC said the rocket carrying two astronauts to move to the International Space Station was moving from Thursday in Bakanur, Kazakhstan. It was supposed to reach the International Space Station six hours later.

However, the rocket fell into the middle of the sky. Two cosmonauts tremble in the video footage sent from the spacecraft.

After the technical error appeared in the Suez rocket ‘Boostere’, it was brought back to the world by ‘Ballistic Dissent Models’, NASA said.

‘Ballistic Dissent Mode’ means that the rocket on the path of Konakuni generally returns to Earth, much higher than it would be landing on Earth in a steep or straight path.

According to the BBC, Russian astronaut Alexey Ovchinen and US astronaut Nick Hague were supposed to be in the space station for the next six months.
Russian-made Soyuz rockets have been designed decades ago. But it is still considered one of the safest rockets in the world. This sun rocket is the only reliance on the journey to the International Space Station at this moment.

Because of this technical error, this rocket could not finish its journey. It is said in the language of space science ‘staging’. Staging the names of the rockets that rise upward, the parts of the fuel that have ended in it;

It is said that at the time of this staging, two astronauts in the rocket could realize that there was a noise. Because they were suffering from weightlessness. At that time they would not have to be weightless. Instead they would rather have a strong tension towards their sitting seats.

It is believed that the journey of two astronauts to return to the world was not very comfortable. As they return to the steep path, they have to deal with the fierce gravity power.

Around one and a half months ago, there was a hiatus in this green spacecraft. It was in danger, the astronauts at the International Space Station. Two astronauts stopped hiking at that time and saved the international space station from the big danger.

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rocket astronauts returned

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