Rollers help improve flexibility

Rollers help improve flexibility

Rollers improve flexibility

Athletes swear by them. And fitness gurus are creating a regimen around them. Foam rollers of different sizes and density are edging their way into fitness routines. Over the last two years, these new fitness accessories have become an intrinsic part of wellness programmes to soothe sore and stiff muscles. Cylindrical in shape and made with foam, these rollers help increase blood flow, improve the efficacy of a workout and relieve stiffness post a workout.

Te rollers primarily work upon fascia or the sheet of connective tissue-primarily collagen. It lies beneath the skin and attaches, stabilizes, encloses and separates  muscles and other internal organs. Fascia holds together the entire skeletal system and prevents it from collapsing. Fascia is non-elastic. And if it gets strained it pulls at the muscles, which, in turn, become tight, making movement difficult and painful. Rollers are extremely useful in loosening such muscles. With the rollers you can do your own massage and relax the fascia.

There are several different kinds of foam rollers doing the rounds of gyms. Foam rollers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. One should choose a roller based on its density or firmness. A higher density roller provides deeper and intense tissue massage. But softer rollers are less intense but are easier to use.

There are two different sizes of rollers for different parts of the body. The shorter one is used on the legs and arms. But the long one is best for the midsection of the body. Small fascial balls are the size of a tennis ball. So, they are used on the soles of the feet, the joint corners such as that of the shoulder, as well as the front and back of the hip.

Rollers are easy to use. Place one on the floor and using your bodyweight more it back and forth. For the roller workout to be effective, one should use it on one muscle for a least 30 to 45 seconds and repeat this twice. He recommends starting with the lower body and moving up, thereby spending a good 15-20 minutes with the rollers. Another alternative is to use rollers on your off day when you can do 30-40 minutes of foam rolling. However, beginners must do the roller routine only under the supervision of an expert. The correct technique of working out with a roller is important. The amount of pressure to b e exerted and the duration of use are crucial.’’

Rollers are proving to be beneficial for anyone experiencing aches and pains. Rollers help not just people who experience stiffness due to high-intensity workouts, but also women who wear high heels. They can use rollers over their calves, ankles and feet to relieve tiredness. With the use of rollers the body gets realigned properly. One can do stretches easier, the body becomes injury proof as the fascia gets correctly aligned and functions more efficiently. Rollers help improve flexibility and mobility so you can perform better.

Rollers improve flexibility Not only this, but also the following…………..


Rollers improve flexibility Not only this, but also the following…………..

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Rollers improve flexibility Not only this, but also the following…………..


Rollers improve flexibility Not only this, but also the following…………..

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