Almost half a century has passed since the entry of making into the Space Age. Today artificial satellites manufactured by advanced countries almost crowd the space around this earth. Most of them are communication satellites. They help man to maintain the long-distance communication media of various kinds  like television, interest and telephone. The inventions of modern science and technology have enabled us to see things happening thousands of miles away. They also help us communication with people living in distance places. In their fearless pursuit of the mysteries and secrets of space many, including Ms. Kalpana Chawla of India have sacrificed their lives. The cricket matches played at home and abroad are brought with all their thrill and entertaining power Indian home having a TV set. This would not have been possible without the satellite. When the great French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau explored the mysterious world of the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic we viewed his daring feats sitting safely in our rooms. This was made possible by these communication satellite. Today we have the interest and the long distance telephone calls to relieve the pain of separation from our dear friends and kin and it makes little difference if our dear one is in Bombay or Boston. Communication satellite keeps us informed of weather, climatic changes, impending storms and tornadoes so that necessary precautions may be taken well ahead of time. In fact the uses of communication satellite are endless and amazingly varied.

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