Science affects an average man in two ways

Science affects an average man in two ways

He or she benefits by its applications driving in a motor car or omnibus instead of a horse-drawn vehicle; being treated by a doctor or surgeon rather than a witch and being killed with an automatic pistol or a shell in place of a dagger or a battle-axe. It also affects his or her opinions. Almost everyone believes that the earth is round and the heavens nearly empty, instead of being solid. And we are beginning to believe in our animal ancestry and the possibility of vast improvement in human by biological method.

But science can do something far bigger for human mind than the substitution of one of beliefs for another or the inculcation of skepticism regarding accepted opinions. It can gradually spread among humanity as a whole the point of view that prevails among research workers and has enabled a few thousand men and a few  dozen women to crew at the Science on which modern civilization rests.

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