The reasoning faculty in man, by conquering the secrets of nature brought about a change in the ways of living and thinking of the primitive man in the natural surroundings of hills, rivers, green belts of forests and long stretches of alluvial soil. With his instincts of self-preservation, first of all he tried to save himself from the inclemencise of weather and came to dwell in caves sheltered from the rains and enemies surrounding him. then began his nomadic existence, roaming country side for pasture, lands for grazing his cattle. Gradually he learnt the ways of agriculture and settled down to a tribal society. Thus through savagery or barbarism, man has reached to the stage of civilization with an organised society and political institutions. Throughout this course of evolution society and political institutions. Throughout this course of evolution of man as a social being, Science has been helping him towards the march of progress. He has scientifically used his brain power to control the fire, to till the soil for agricultural production, to discover the use of metals and turn them into objects of self-defence and offence against enemies.

When society was stabilized, man’s creative urge, which would always made him restless, goaded him on to find his own position in relation to the universe. The countless stars that twinkle on a clear night, the moon, the sun, the mountains kissing the sky, the great waterfalls, overflowing revers, forests, animals like that abound in them, all appeared to him with a significance whose support he, as yet with undeveloped reasoning faculty, could not fully realise. Thus the dim rudiments of astronomy began when he watched the movements of stars when he lay awake at night. When he saw the climate change of day and night, and observed the cycle of seasons, he learnt when to harvest his crops in the field. Instead of straw and leaves, he began to use stones and bricks to build his home. And in due course, with infinite patience and minute observations and experiments, he brought about for himself a civilized way of living. Thus science as a handmaid of civilization has helped man in his urge to develop himself as the crown of creation. Now at the fag end of the twentieth century we find ourselves in the midst of civilization which has advanced in scientific discoveries and inventions beyond the imagination of the most visionary among our ancestors who lived a century ago.

But these blessings of science have not been for us an unalloyed happiness. The forces on Nature which when harnessed by science for the benefit of humanity, would have brought happiness and alleviated the sufferings of the common man and eradicated their poverty, were employed in the service of the Devil for the wholesale destruction of humanity. when nationalism became aggressive and showed its ugly head as the messenger of very great destruction, man realized that all the scientific inventions which created this modern life with telephones, wireless, sanitation and thousand other amenities devised by machines, were dragging down humanity towards a revolt against the very civilization they had created by means of science.

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