There was a time when man was ignorant of the natural elements and the causes behind him. Rain, sun, storm, earthquake and other natural events were imagined to be sent by angry or benevolent gods. Behind each natural force was seen the power of a god. When pleased, he would use his power for man’s good, but when angry would use it for man’s punishment. But knowledge of science and the technology based on it have changed all this. Today man has not only understood the ways of nature but has also learnt to use them for this own benefit and, at times, for this own destruction. The laws of physics, properly used, have brought electricity. We all know how this power can light up homes, run industries move vehicles. We also know how chemistry has helped man to make medicine for curing illness, produce metals that are constantly in use for the progress of civilization. With scientific knowledge man has tamed roaring rivers; science has helped him grow more food for the constantly growing population, science has conquered space and distances. Science, on the other hand, has also helped man to invent and manufacture weapons of mass inhuman. By a simple atom bomb a whole city can be wiped out with its population of millions. Thus, science has become a monster of Frankenstein ready to destroy its own maker. It all now depends on man’s wisdom to choose the safer of the two roles that science can play.

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