Science has contributed a great deal to the civilization of mankind

Science has contributed a great deal to the civilization of mankind

Science has increased out knowledge of Nature and Universe. Through science, technological progressed has taken place and man has made his environment not only hospitable but immensely developed and expanded. Science has given material amenities for which out life has become highly sophisticated and advanced. Means of communication have developed and as a result the world has come close to us. The latest scientific development in computer science, electronics and Internets, have expanded the scope of producing consumer goods, capital goods, and of easy calculations and communications and have thus contributed to the growth of industries and agriculture for the welfare of man. Science grows and develops and thus man’s intellectual enquiry is restless. It is harnessed to the generation of new and energy and to the launching of new satellite for the conquest of the sky. Man has acquired mastery undreamed of even a few years back. The development of medical science has increased the longevity and reduced mortality rates and has given new energy and strength to men, mitigates acute pains in deadly diseases. Thus science is integral to human civilization.

Still it is said that science is inimical to civilization. Technological advance has contributed to the industries and utilitarian culture which has taken away the spontaneous impulse and generous feeling of men. Men are selfishly pursuing material goods, are concentrated on facts, rather than on fancy. They are reduced to depersonalized units doing their jobs mechanical efficiency. Accepted values of life are eroded- love, sympathy and fellow feeling have been lost. Corruptions in every field of activity have increased vitiating not only Nature’s ecology but also human ecology. Science has given speed but also taken away impulse; it has effected quantitative standard. Man has descended to the sun human. Scientists create war weapons; businessmen and politicians use them for destructive purpose. Atoms which can be used for peaceful purposes are employed do evolve destruction weapons for the annihilation of mankind. Hiroshima shows the extent of damage in terms of quantity and quality done to the material and spiritual life of  men . It has wrought havoc on human psychology.

However science is not responsible for what is happening to day. It is the irresponsible use of science by man that accounts for the sorry state of things. Scientists are in restless pursuit of knowledge. New territories of knowledge are being annexed; new areas are explored man’s intellectual horizon expanded. The enrichment of human mind is the measures of civilization. Science by itself has conduced to the development of culture. But man by stupidity and meanness has made science the hand maid of his selfish pursuits and corrupt activities. Science can not be held responsible for man’s corruptions and dishonesty. Consumer goods being produced for the amenities of human being, but human beings are competing with one another get them as much as they can by depriving and by neglecting the finer qualities of his heart. If there is erosion of values now, it is due to man’s selfishness and dishonesty. Science has contributed to the material and intellectual progress. Moral degradation of man is due to the wrong use of science and technology.

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