Scientists’ responsibility to society

Scientists’ responsibility to society

Early man was ignorant and superstitious. He did not know the causes behind natural calamities like earthquake, storms, floods and volcanic eruption. He thought angry gods and goddesses or some other supernatural power were behind such disaster. But scientists like Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, kepler, Einstein and many more with their painstaking researches discovered the natural causes behind things and the principles that govern the activities of the elements. Today man, with the help of scientists, has made tremendous progress. His life has become more secure, comfortable and efficient. He can now to a great extent protect himself against nature’s fury, because scientists can warm him about it in advance. But as science properly used can prove a blessing to man, it can also bring misery, death and destruction when its great powers are abused. We know how the power of the atoms of some minerals like uranium was used to make powerful bombs that destroyed whole cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The power of science has also been used to make napalm bombs that can destroy fertility of land. Chemical gases with fatal effect on human life have also been invented by scientists under the authority of dangerous political leaders. It is the solemn responsibility of scientists to use all the power at their command to put a stop to such dangerous misuse of science. Instead of devoting their great knowledge and energy to make murderous weapons that can wipe out civilization they must use them for the improvement of the quality of life lived by the vast number of unfortunate people mostly in Asia Africa and South America. The miraculous power of science should be harnessed for the generation of electricity to light up- thousands of dark villages, in invent and manufacture drugs that can cure diseases, and device means that can ensure a pollution-free world for the posterity.

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