Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee or DSGMC Sikh army captured Red Fort in 1783 and hoisted the Sikh flag

Sikh army captured Red Fort in 1783 and hoisted the Sikh flag

Sikhs Commemorate Delhi Fateh Diwas at the Red Fort |

We see Sikhs spread all over the world. But, the largest number of Sikhs is living in New Delhi. Like Punjab, there is an elected body of of the Sikhs. It is managing the historic Gurdwaras in Delhi. Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee or DSGMC is an autonomous organization. And, it manages Gurdwaras in Delhi state. DSGMC also manages various educational institutions, hospitals, old-age homes, libraries and other charitable institutions in Delhi. It is headquartered at Gurdwara Rakab Gank Sahib, opposite parliament House in New Delhi. It is a representative body of the Sikhs of Delhi, and from time to time it has been instrumental in keeping the Sikhs al over world as a close-knit family.

The present committee, headed by Manjit Singh GK, during its four years term has enhanced the prestige of the community globally. And the committee utilized the media to highlight the role of the Sikhs in Delhi. It is for the first time that people could come to know that the Sikh army captured Red Fort in 1783. They hoisted the Sikh flag at Red Fort during the Mughal period. Now, in the month of March every year a big gathering celebrates this victory in front of the Red Fort. Due to the efforts of this committee, 300 years of the martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Bahadar was observed at Qutub Minar where he was tortured to death along with his companions. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, presided over the memorial function in the IG Indoor Stadium. He paid tribute to the first sovereign Sikh ruler. The Sikh has installed a life size statue of Banda Bahadar has installed in the heart of Delhi.

Humility, service and sharing are central to the Sikh faith. Guru Nanak Dev Ji  was the founder of Sikhism. And, he believed and practiced them throughout his life. Following the traditions laid down by the great Guru, apart from religious, educational and health projects, DSGMC has always been in the front for any social cause. In times of natural disasters, DSGMC extended help to the affected families and survivors in various parts of the sub-continent viz. Uttrakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Chennai etc. IT is praised for the efforts of this team of DSGMC for their role in highlighting the Sikh traditions in the capital of India.


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