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Guru Gobind Singh’s Life

Message from SGPC

The aim of 10th Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji to take birth in the world was to finish the chains of liberty of mankind universe.

Sahib-e-Kamal Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji who was saint & soldier, sacrificed his entire family, came to this world to achieve this world to achieve this objective.

It is very difficult to write the unique personality of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Every writer has limited knowledge/wisdom to write about his life. But all such personalities i.e representative of God are beyond the limit of their praise/good qualities. Sri Guru Gobind Singh was such a REHBER i.e representative of God about whom neither Hindu, Muslim nor British Historian has defined in numerical units as they are unparallel & beyond their wisdom. The entire world is celebrating with great homage & pomp and show the 350th year Prakash Purav (350th Birthday) of Sahib-e-kamal Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji who is a person above wonder and narration.

On this occasion Shiromain Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee has made various programmes to make this birthday memorable, unparallel with the grace of God.

On this occasion I feel proud for extending heartiest Gurupurab greetings from the core of my heart.

The message should be reached to everybody without caste & creed and let us make our efforts to make our lifestyles following the footprints, teachings and guidelines of Gurbani.

Guru Panth Da Das, professor Kirpal Singh Badungar President,

Shiromani gurdwara

Prabandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar

Guru Gobind Singh, was a gigantic multi-dimensional personality with countless layers; each being unique and alluring in its own way. He was perfect in all respects. And he also was cultured, decent, humane, sweet, responsive, tolerant, straightforward, truthful, courageous, fearless… words fail us. And we feel humbled and inadequate. When words fail, Love wins!

Dr Davinder Singh, Secretary, The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib

The Book And Beyond

The author Took over the charge of the Kalgidhar Society in 1965 after his mentor Sant Teja Singh passed away. The author of Sikh Faith is An Epitome of Inter-Faith for Divine Realization. Moreover, Baba Iqbal Singh has worked towards women empowerment. And he also combined modern education with faith to produce good global citizens. The book reveals chapters on meditation, skih tradition, the Sikh code of conduct, Guru Granth Sahib, a glimpse of the Sikh history. And it also incorporates the opinion of people outside the faith about the Sikh way of life.

A Premier Institute with Unmatched Strengths

The SGPC contributed to the development of technical education and to uplift the regional students. Because the students were deprived of opportunities as compared to their counterparts in other states. The SGPC also took the initiative to establish BBSBEC on the sacred land of Fatehgarh Sahib in 1993. Under the able guidance of a great visionary, Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar, President SGPC/ Trust and Amarinder Singh Libra, Member-Secretary Trust, today BBSBEC is reckoned as one of the leading institutes in North India, and it has earned name & fame not only in the country but the world over in imparting high quality technical education. It was the first institute under PTU to its courses accredited by the NBA. National Board of Accreditation of AICTE is also the hallmark of quality education, infrastructure, facilities, amenities etc.

Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh’s Life

The holy quest to realize the Tenth Master’s words

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee or DSGMC Sikh army captured Red Fort in 1783 and hoisted the Sikh flag

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