MADHYA Pradesh IS Fast emerging as the new destination for industries. The Government of Madhya Pradesh is facilitating various ways to attract investments into the state. So, it has created industry-friendly administration and an incisive industrial promotion policy. In Madhya Pradesh, investors have better options in terms of project location,  infrastructure, incentives and other facilities. At present the state has investment proposals of more than US $104 billion.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has progressive policies across sectors with structured financial incentives for all industry segments. The Government has created an empowered and effective Single Window System for approvals, exemptions and doing business. According to the World Bank and KPMG, Madhya Pradesh stands 5th among Indian states on the ease of doing business and reforms implementation.

The Government is constantly improving the business environment through progressive policies and proactive measures. The State Government is organizing National & International Investors’ Meet to create awareness among the investors about the resources & opportunities of investment in Madhya Pradesh. To make the state more investor-friendly and promote entrepreneurs, the state more investor-friendly and promote entrepreneurs, the state Government has formed TRIFAC, an agency that encourages a Single Window System, for speedy approvals of different clearances and consents. With a sharp focus on the judicious use of its resources and a facilitative atmosphere for investors, Madhya Pradesh hopes to become one of the most favoured destinations for the industrial community too.

Madhya Pradesh offers distinctive monetary and strategic/policy incentives for organizations under the Industrial Promotion Policy-2010 & Action Plan, other than strategies/policies for IT, Biotechnology, Tourism and SEZs.

The state provides a favorable environment for the development of small, medium and cottage enterprises. They are given subsidies on fixed catcall investments as well as on interest. The Government provides financial assistance for infrastructure development on establishment of industrial parks, fiscal incentives for industrial projects, and subsidy on investment.

Making Special Economic Zones provides reliable power to the industries, single table clearance for mega projects through Project Clearance Implementation board (PCIB). The Government has been able to facilitate industrialization. Special package of incentives have been given by the Government for Mega Investment Projects. They include land subsidy, concessions for tourism projects and assistance for setting up Industrial Parks.

Not only this, but also the the following…….. Not only this, but also the the following……..


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SURGING MADHYA PRADESH Not only this, but also the the following……..

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SURGING MADHYA PRADESH Not only this, but also the the following……..and

Madhya Pradesh

SURGING MADHYA PRADESH Not only this, but also the the following……..

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