How did Tenali fulfill the condition of the king (story)

How did Tenali fulfill the condition of the king, who could not do any more!

Raja Krishnadev Rai was ruled by the Vijayanagara empire at some point of time. Maharaj’s condition: At any time, the reign of Vijayanagara was ruled by King Krishna Deva Raya. Maharaj Krishnadev used to test many times the wisdom of his courtesies. Likewise, he gave thousands of gold coins to all the small courtiers in a day-long court. And then said – You all are given a week’s time. Within a week, you have to spend this money on yourself. But the condition is that while you spend your money, you must definitely see our mouth.

All the courtiers laughed and took away the bags and walked towards the market, suddenly got upset about the postures. They would do the shopping But they got upset when they remembered the king’s condition. The reason was that how to see King’s face when spending money. A week passed in this trouble. The kinghood could not be ignored. If Maharaj asked, how would I answer if I saw my face before spending?

One week later, when the court took place, first of all, Maharaj asked this by courtiers – tell me, what have you bought people? Rajpurohit said on behalf of all the courtiers – How could we buy something, Maharaj, your condition was such. How and where do we see your face in the market? So neither did your views nor we could spend money. Maharaj asked Tenaliram, and Tenaliram you. Have you not been able to spend money?

Tenaliram said, “Maharaj, I have spent all the currencies. The king said it means you did not obey our command. On this, Tenaliram said, Hargis, not Maharaj, I can never disrespect your order. I have spent the money on seeing your face. Mahārāj asked – “How good is he?” Tenaliram said, “Maharaj, your picture is printed on every single currency.” After listening to this, Maharaj smiled and all the Darbari kept watching the face of Tenali Ram.

Knowledge- This knowledge is obtained from this story that on many occasions, not too easy to use intelligence, a lot of easy things also seem difficult and there is a loss. Therefore, if there is any problem, if wisdom is used to solve the problem, then success is sure.

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