Tenaliram: Who is the thief?

Tenaliram: Who is the thief?

Once a painter came to the court of Maharaja Krishna Deva Rai. Seeing the pictures made of it all wow.
The painter made a picture of Maharaj. The chef was very happy to see him He also ordered the king to make a picture of the palace. He started going everywhere, without any hesitation. Soon a beautiful picture of the palace was ready.
After giving a picture to the king, the artist asked for an order to return. Maharaj said, “Before going, we want to honor you. So stay one or two more days. “
One day before the respect, it was revealed that the baggage of the painter was stolen. So, the next day Senapati told Maharaj that the goods have been found.
Maharaj asked, “Where is the luggage? Who is the thief? “
“Maharaj, this thing will tell Tinaliram only.” Senapati responded. Maharaj looked at Tanaliram with surprise.
Tenalirram folded his hand and said, “Sir, this is the stuff. I’m guilty. “
In the court, there was a hoax, ‘Tenaliram has insulted the guest.’
Then Tenaliram said, “Maharaj, this is not a painter, a spy of the enemy. Making a picture of the palace, it has also made a map of all the secret roads. I suspected this, that’s why I got the stuff up. By getting respect from you, it would go from here, along with our important distinctions also went to the enemy. “
Maharaj put the painter in jail. Tenaliram was honored in his place.

WHO IS Tenaliram?

Tenali Ramakrishna was a Telugu poet from Andhra Pradesh. He had a great acumen and humor. Tenali was one of the Ashtadhigans of the court of King Krishna Deviya of Vijayanagara Empire (1509-1529). The Raj-Purohit and the Charya of Vijayanagara used to fight against Ram. Teachi and his disciple Dhanicharya and Manichary Tenali used to use new tricks to deceive Rama in Sanket. But Tenali Rama used to solve those tactics.

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