We come across the nurse only when we are seriously sick enough to be admitted to a hospital. It is then that we realise her contribution to the sick in particular and to society at large.

She has to be at the hospital early in the morning. In certain private hospitals nurses attend shift duty by rotation. During duty hours she hardly finds time for rest, refreshments or even meals. While she is on duty she is continuously at the beck and call of some patent or the other.

The nurse has a variety of work to do. She has to register the temperature of different patients in their respective charts, at least twice a day. She has to prepare medicines or administer them to patients. She gives injections to hospitalized patients. She has to attend to the needs of patients at different times.

When the doctor comes for his rounds, the nurse accompanies him. she brings him up-to-date information on the condition of the patients. The doctor gives further instruction and the nurse has to comply with them.

The nurse also assists the surgeon in the operation theatre. She has to be alert and helpful. She cannot afford to be careless either in the operation theatre, or in the administration of medicines to the patients in the wards.

The nurse has to work day in and day out in an atmosphere of pain, suffering and death. She is surrounded by the sick and the wounded. She is constantly in the presence of blood and tears. She has to have a strong heart and a generous, cheerful disposition. She can never complain. She has to have affable bedside manners.

If a young woman takes up the profession of nursing in the right spirit, she will find enough satisfaction in her fob. She will derive pleasure from providing comfort and solace to her patients. Her smile will win her unspoken gratitude from the ones she tends to. Her greatest happiness lies in a patient’s getting cured. Money can never repay the services that a nurse renders to her patients. Her salary is very low. But she is held in high esteem. She is a member of the noblest profession in the world. She is everything to the sick and the dying, hope; comforter and healer.

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