When a story is told in a series of pictures, it is called a comic strip. Comic strips usually are published in newspapers. The first comic strip was published by The New York Daily Graphic. On 11 September 1875 the daily brought out Professor Tigwissel’s Burglar Alarm. When one makes a weekly or monthly collection of comic strips and humorous storyboards it becomes a comic. The first comic was Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday, which appeared in 1884. In the 1950s British comics were at the zenith of its popularity when some sold more than a million a week. Among these were Eagle(1950-69), Rainbow (1914-56) and Schoolfriend (1950-65). Humorous comic strips and comics regularly featured in Indian newspapers and periodicals. Sukumar Ray drew some wonderful comics strips for Sandesh. Among other exponents of this art form we have the legendary Kafi Khan, Shaila Chakraborty, Mayukh Chowdhury and Narayan Debnath. Nante Fante,Handa Bhonda and Bantul the Great are some of the timeless creations by Debnath who has been awarded with the Sahitya Akademy Puroskar for his contribution to juvenile literature. Thus comic strips and comics are no longer looked down upon as a lesser art. It is considered to be an indispensable part of literature as a whole.

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