Forget the little black box tucked away behind your home entertainment centre- this is the router to show off your home internet! The Starry Station is the kind of router that will look right in place on your work desk or next to the smart TV , and it has a touch screen that provides all manner of useful information- internet speed, devices connected, even your Wi Fi name and password to share with guests- in a quick glanceable fashion.


Personal safety devices are often bulky and hard to use, which defeats their very purpose. The Sound Grenade, on the other hand, is a small 30g device that can be clipped onto a bag or clothing and looks innocuous enough. Pull the pin though, and the device produces a 120db alarm that’s as loud as an ambulances siren- enough to alert passerby and scare off attackers, including animals. Even works under water!


Facebook and Twitter may be the undisputed kings of the social hill, but in the recent past, it’s social network like Instagram, Piterest and Snapchat that have taken the Internet by storm. So, what’s the next big thing in social in the year ahead? Here are four social apps that are vying for your attention. Let’s see why they matter.


Here’s a social network that understands that each one of us five different lives and personas each day- the sports fan, the sitcom addict the working professional, the car enthusiast. It’s almost a throwback to the Internet chat rooms of yore which were grouped based on user interests, and you maintain different identities for each. You can request to join “worlds” based on common interest or invite people to join your different world  and keep them separate. This way your cricket buddies can’t see your family vacation photos and vice versa. Plus, you’re anonymous on the app, so you can truly be yourself!


With virtual reality exploding onto the scene this year, can a VR based social network be far behind? As long as you have a VR headset, v Time will let you hang out with your friends in any one of 12 “comprehensive virtual destinations” replete with a tailored life like avatar for each of you. Think of it you’re playing the popular sims life simulation game where instead of monitoring character on your screen, you’re immersed into the environment and interacting with other character. You can even take selfish within the v Time environments!

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