In the land of the clouds


In the land of the clouds

Shillong !

To feel the cold-pure mountain air, gaze into sparkling-clear lakes, trek across scented-wooded trails, bask in the yellow-mellow sunshine, sample fiery-flavourful local cuisine, you enjoy foot-tapping musical events taking place throughout the year. Or you simply marvel at the star-studded night sky, then shillong, the Scotland of the East, beckons!

If your idea of a vacation is to witness abundant natural bounty, you cannot miss the root-bridges. Yes, bridges made from trees!

Tucked away in the delightful depths of cherrapunjee. It is a breezy two-hour ride from shilling, the root bridges come in an astounding variety of shapes and sizes. Most living  root-bridges have a single span. Yet several have two bridges stacked one over the other, such  as the umshiang double-decker root bridge. While in Cherrapunjee, you can also  explore the limestone caves of Mawsmai. These stalactite-stalagmite caves have innumerable forms, shapes and sizes, the handiwork of years of natural abrasion and underground water.

The Mawkdok zip-lining adventure can fetch you hundreds of ‘likes’ on your social media handle! Soaring amidst the breathtaking Mawkdok valley, the zip-line stretches across a 2600 ft span at dizzying heights of 1,200ft. the activity is usually supervised by a professional team embracing the highest standards of safety just so that you can zip-up and zip-line! The  route to Mawkdok is scenic and a  comfortable ride  from shilling.

Don bosco Museum in Shillong is a custodian of the traditions of the North East. Interestingly, built in a hexagonal shape that symbolizes the spirit of inclusivity, the museum’s seven floors represent the seven states of the North East. The museum provides insights into the rich multicultural fabric of   the indigenous people of the North East. The museum also contains as many as 17 galleries displaying cultural artefacts and paintings. Besides, for those who have a curious palate, native food menus in the museum’s food lounge helps visitors discover local cuisine. For expansive views of the infinite blues and the vast rolling greens uninterrupted, courtesy nature, the picturesque Umiam Lake is just what the doctor recommended. The Lake, just about 15-km from Shillong, is easily tucked away amidst the scenic hills of Meghalaya. The catchment area of this  reservoir extends over 220 sq. km. And it is the ideal place for you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and hear the sound of ‘silence’. While the adventurous among you can zip across the lagoon in a high-speed boat, the romantic amidst you can also hold hands in your own boat that the boatman gently oars humming a wondrous tune.

How to reach:

The Umroi Airport in Shillong is the closest option. And taxis are also available for travelling within the city. Another possibly more reliable option is the airport in Guwahati. Buses, taxis and private cars are easily available from Guwahati to Shillong. Shillong does not have its  own railhead. And the  closest station is at Guwahati. It is usually connected all across India by several superfast trains. Guwahati to Shillong is a pleasant four-hour drive.

Not only this, but also the following………………….Not only this, but also the following………………….

Aizawl City Sight seeing/Hmuifang – Thenzawl visit

tour destination Shillong Not only this, but also the following…………..Not only this, but also the following……


tour destination Shillong Not only this, but also the following………….Not only this, but also the following…..

MEGHALAYA’s Nature’s Splendour

tour destination Shillong

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