Transports Means

Transports Means

New methods of transport have profoundly modified the life in the village and small town. Up to only a generation ago most villages were to a great extent self-sufficing communities. Every trade was represented by its local technician; the local produce was consumed or exchanged in the neighbourhood; the inhabitants worked no the spot. If they desired instruction or entertainment or religion, they had to mobilise the local talent and produce it themselves. Today all this is changed. Thanks to improved transport, the village is now closely bound up with the rest of the economic word. Supplies and technical services are obtained from a distance. Large number of in habitants go out to work in factories and offices in far-off cities. Music and drama are provided not by local talent, but over theĀ  community were always on the spot; now thanks to motor cars, motor cycles and buses -the villagers are rarely in the village.

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