Two Mouthed Birds – Animal Story

Two Mouthed Birds – Animal Story

In Nandan One there was a bird with two mouths. Due to having two mouths, the bird looked quite strange from the other woes. The bird used to make a snail on a banyan tree.

One day, the bird was flying in search of food in the forest. Suddenly the bird’s right-faced face caught on a red fruit. On seeing, water came in his mouth and he swiftly went ahead to eat that red fruit.

Now the right mouth of the bird was eating that fruit with great taste. The left mouth was constantly looking at the right side of the mouth that it would give me food. But the right one was being eaten with silence.

Now the left hand prayed to the right person, that to give me a little fruit also, on the right mouth, showing anger, said that both of our stomachs are same. If I eat, he will go in our stomach. But he did not give some left to the left.

The next day the bird was flying again in search of food in the forest. Then the left hand looked at a wonderful fruit which was very bright. She quickly swings towards that fruit. Now as soon as the fruits were eaten, a crow sitting nearby immediately warned that do not eat this fruit, it is very poisonous.

He heard his right mouth too and prayed from left to do not eat this fruit, it would prove very dangerous for us, but the left mouth was to take revenge from the right.

He listened to one and quietly started eating that fruit. In a short while the body of the bird fell dead and fell to the ground.

Friends may have enjoyed listening to the story but when I tell you about it, your eyes will be torn apart. In today’s environment, it is seen that people of the same family are jealous of each other, they keep hostility to each other. But whenever he thinks of harming one another or taking revenge against each other, the loss is to the whole family. So keep in touch with each other because if a single member of the family does wrong work, the loss is to the whole family. This is the story of this story.

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Two Mouthed Birds – Animal Story


Two Mouthed Birds – Animal Story

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Two Mouthed Birds – Animal Story

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