Pooja Gauthami Umashankar

Pooja , mononymously known as Pooja, is an Indian-Sri Lankan actress, who has primarily appeared in Tamil films as well as Sinhala, Malayalam and amateur films. Following a series of successful commercial ventures, Bala’s Naan Kadavul saw Pooja’s performance as a blind beggar praised by the critics, securing major awards. She simultaneously worked in Sinhala cinema and was part of several successful films like Anjalika(2006), Asai Man Piyabanna (2007), Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe (2010) and Kusa Pabha (2012), thus establishing herself as one of the leading actresses of Sinhala cinema.


IAS officer C Umashankar

C Umashankar, 50, who was told by the Tamil Nadu government this week to stop “preaching and propagating activities”, says he not Christian — only a “disciple of Jesus” who is spreading the word of Christ in the same way as he once campaigned for open-source software Linux or Ubuntu.

Umashankar, the son of parents who married outside their castes, says he first “heard Jesus” in 2008 — but despite having conducted over 850 prayer meetings in Tamil Nadu since then, has never tried to convert anyone to Christianity.

After finishing education in Palayamkottai near Tirunelveli, the officer became a medical representative. In 1990, he entered the civil service.

Umashankar Gantayat

Umashankar Gantayat was Senior Consulting professional with 18 years of Management consulting and diverse leadership experience in Energy, Infrastructure, Sustainability and the Development sector in leading big 4 and boutique organisations with deep experience of Practice management and People development.

Experience of designing and leading global strategies and programs and networked with wide range of stakeholders and platforms ranging from National and State Governments, Regulatory bodies, public and private sector Utilities, IFIs and DFIs, Policy makers / Civil servants, CEOs, Industry bodies, Development professionals and Foundations in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.index

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