Dr. Mollinath Mukharjee


Consultant Uro-gynaecologist Appolo Gleneagles Hospital.

In general people go to gynecologist for gynae problem and urologist for urine related issues. But Uro- Gynaecfology is a superficiality which treats female urology and gynecology problems together. In many cases it is seen that gynae and urinary problems are related to each other. This is due to the fact that vagina and urinary opening lies side by side. Gynecologist is not expert of the urinary problem and vice versa, so the patient has to run between two specialists.

We are providing the treatment of Urinary and Rectal incontinence & Sexual dysfunction along with Genital prolapse. From patient point of view-single surgeon, single hospital visit, single OT charge; fix it all. 

Why does Uro-Gynaecological problem happen:- When we sit on the chair, the part of the body that touches the chair is called Pelvic floor muscle. All muscles in the body have underneath bony support but not the pelvic floor. So structurally this muscle is weak. On top of that this muscle has three holes making it much weaker. Child birth , big baby, prolong labour, for pecs delivery, chronic constipation, obesity, chronic cough, menopause, ageing, any operation in the lower abdomen, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc damages this muscle. We can’t avoid all of these factors in our life, so damage is inevitable. The damage may not be apparent straight away but becomes prominent slowly. So if the pelvic floor muscle gets damaged, problems of more than one aperture usually coexists.

Consult an uro-gynecologist for any of these Symptoms:

  1. Going to toilet to pass urine frequently and leak age before reaching toilet.

  2. Bed wetting at night in any age

  3. Pelvic or Bladder or urethral pain, discomfort, burning, itching or other symptoms

  4.  Leakage of urine with coughing, laughing, sneezing or with bending down. Loosing weight, pelvic floor muscle exercise can help. But a complete cure needs a microsurgery without cutting abdomen. The urinary opening has become wider and loose. A tape called TVT is used to tighten the urinary opening.

  5.  Difficulty in passing urine, not having good flow or sense of incomplete urination

  6.  Leakage of bowel or difficulty in opening bowel

  7.  Filling lump in vagina; which could be uterus, bladder or rectum coming down i.e. Prolapse

  8.  If you don’t want to remove uterus to treat your prolapse

  9.  If you want to remove uterus without opening abdomen or without key hole surgery.

  10.  Repeated Urinary tract infection or B coli

  11. If you leak urine constantly after any abdominal or vaginal operation- During surgery due to injury a hole can be created in the urinary bladder, from which urine can constantly come out through vagina. This is called bladder Fistula. This need an urgent operation to close the hole to prevent serious damage.

  12.  Repeated miscarriage or fetal death

  13.  To treat irregular period without hormone therapy 

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