Science has done wonders in the present day civilization. It has made human life easy and comfortable. In ancient days man had to depend solely on the mercy of nature. In the society of those remote days man-power was the only means of doing any laborious work. As time passed, man invented new appliances and applied new techniques to do things in every walk of life. Man has now entered the atomic era. Today he has been able to penetrate many of the mysteries of space. We can not  manufacture today even a small needle without having recourse to science. It saves both labour and a small. Railways, trams, buses, ships and aeroplanes have made journey easier and quicker. Again, radios, wireless, telephone, fax , television and computer help the spread of knowledge in no time. Science has work miracles in the branch of medicine, though this task is not yet complete. However, achievements of science are not an unmixed blessing. Science has liberated man from many evils; at the same time it has created fresh danger and problems for him. Now days the great power of the world always take pride in their achievements in the development of atomic weapons and threaten  the world with unprecedented dangers. The world peace is at stake. The devastation caused by the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of the Second World War make us shudder at the destructive power of science when misused by power loving politicians.

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