The state opens doors to various career options through  some useful courses offered Fatter paychecks, better opportunities, a smarter lifestyle and more opportunities to learn while they earn. So, these are among the key reasons why Calcutta’s finest are looking to take up promising courses. And then, they land themselves lucrative job offers. The increasing number of institutes and wonderful opportunities have lessened brain drain to some extent. Bengal is providing good opportunities for students to embrace the state as the new destination for quality learning. There is continuous upgradation of courses that enable student to pick up new skills. Bengal has plenty of management and engineering institutes. So, Bengal has a lot to offer to students who are looking to break through the clutter.

A well planned career is instrumental in a happy and satisfied life. Parents, having gone through this process, can help their children from making mistakes in selecting a career. Parents need to be facilitators and not influence their choices. On the one hand, a parent’s experience can help in the academic and career selection process. On the other hand, sometimes it might hinder it.

Students, especially toppers, have a tendency to leave the state thinking they will come across greener pastures elsewhere. Maybe they do, but leaving their hometown and settling in a new place has its own disadvantages. Bengal is keeping abreast of every new technology and adopting technical changes in institutes. So, students from Bengal have more reasons not to leave the state. Most institutes in Calcutta have Wifi-enabled and green campuses making studying enjoyable. Besides, placements are also good.

Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice. Placements also give students the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector. So, it allows them to make better informed decisions about future career choices. It provides a welcome contrast to the typically more individual-centric approach taken to academic study. This kind of experience is beneficial. And it builds on the self-management and problem solving skills typically gained at university, with the ability to work collaboratively.

Students who are passing out of engineering and medical streams are getting placement well. Students also have opted for non-conventional courses. Students completing B Tech, BCA, MCA and MBA are sure to get good jobs. But those with hospitality management, travel and tourism, BBA, optometry, media science and diploma courses like civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunication are also guaranteed good placements.

Besides availing themselves of good earning opportunities, students who take up the 3-year non-conventional courses on offer or do a BBA, BCA, hospitality course etc are able to enter the job circuit faster than their engineering and medical counterparts. Scholarships are also offered to meritorious students by different institutes thus helping them cut down on their education expenses. Besides, Bengal has so far recorded less course fee for higher studies in a similar ranking institute as compared to other states. Students can always look for these opportunities and gather desired information before leaping forward.

While deciding where to apply to college is often a stressful experience, knowing what things to consider when choosing a college can give students the confidence to apply wisely and end up at the school that best meets their needs. The government approved most of the technical and professional courses. So, students can also apply for government jobs easily. Campus life is a big draw for students.

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