Who is who

Who is who

Alegeran Charles Swinburne (1837-1900) was an English poet and critic. After attending Eton and Oxford, Swinburne lived on an allowance from his father. His lyric powers first reflected in his verse drama Atlanta in Calydon. His Pagan and Masochistic nature were found in his poems and Ballads ; a second series was published in 1778. His verse is marked by emphatic rhythms. While his earlier poetry is noted for innovations in prosody, his later poetry is less popular. Among his outstanding critical writings are Essays and Monographs on William Shakespeare, victor Huge and Ben Jonson (1889).

Albert Szent- Gyorgy (1893-1986): He was a Hungarian – U.S  biochemist .His discoveries about the roles played by certain organic compounds, especially vitamin C, in the oxidation of nutrients by cells brought him a 1937 Nobel Prize. He found and isolated an organic reducing agent from plant juices and adrenal gland extracts and showed it was identical to vitamin C. His work on intermediates in the cell laid the foundation for the  elucidation of the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle by Hans Adolf Krebs. In later years he worked on the biochemistry of muscular action and cell division.

LEO-SZILARD (1898-1964) : He was a Hungarian- U.S Physicist. He taught at the University of Berlin then fled to England and the U.S , where he worked at the Universitty of Chicago from 1942. In 1929 he established the relation between entropy and transfer of information, and in 1934 he helped develop the first method of separating isotopes of artificial radioactive elements. He helped Enrico Fermi Conduct the first sustained nuclear chain reaction and construction the first nuclear reactor. In 1939 he was instrumental in establishing the Manhattan project, in which he helped develop the atomic bomb. After the first use of the  bomb, he promoted the peaceful uses of atomic energy and the control of nuclear weapons  and founded the Council for a  Livable World. In 1959 he received the Atoms for Peace Award.

PERCY CARLYLE GILCHRIST : He was a British metallurgist. In 1976-77, with Cousin Sydney Gilchrist Thomas, he devised the Basic  Bessemer process of making steel in Bessemer Converters from Phosphorous- containing Pig iron. In the  Thomas- Gilchrist process, the lining used in the Converter  is basic rather than acidic and it captures the acidic phosphorous oxides formed on blowing air through molten iron made from the high phosphorous iron ore prevalent in Europe. The process subsequently became widely used.

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