As a unit holder in  a Mutual Fund scheme coming under the SEBI Regulations, you are entitled to:

  1. Receive unit certificates or statements of accounts confirming your title within 30 days from the date of closure of the subscription under open-end schemes or within 6 weeks from the date your request for a unit certificate is received by the Mutual Fund.

  2. Receive information about the investment policies, investment objectives, financial position and general affairs of the scheme;

  3. Receive dividend within 30 days of their declaration and receive the redemption or repurchase proceeds within 10 days from the date of redemption or repurchase;

  4. Vote in accordance with the Regulations to:

  • Change the Asset Management Company;

  • Wind up the schemes.

  1. To receive communication from the Trustee about change in the fundamental attributes of any scheme or any other changes which would modify the scheme and affect the interest of the unit holders and to have option to exit at prevailing Net Asset Value without any exit load in such cases.

  2. Inspect the documents of the Mutual Funds specified in the scheme’s offer document.

In addition to your rights, you can except the following from Mutual Funds:

  • To publish their NAV, in accordance with the regulations: daily in case of open-ended schemes and once a week, in case of close-ended schemes;

  • To disclose your schemes’ entire portfolio twice a year, unaudited financial results half yearly and audited annual accounts once a year. In addition many mutual funds send out newsletters periodically.

To adhere to a Code of Ethics which requires that investment decisions are taken in the best interests of the unit holders.

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